This blog captures my ongoing journey to live the stealthy wealthy life and tell the stories of others who are doing it even better than me. I’m Scott. I’m a 30-something year old guy who decided to get my act together financially and wanted to share the process with you. My goal with this blog is to share the way that I have chosen to live my life, which I call “stealthy and wealthy.” To me, this means being financially free and secure, but without buying into the traditional definition of how “wealthy” people should live. I choose experiences over things, I choose to build wealth instead of show it, and I have a hell of a lot of fun doing it. I write about the tips, tools, knowledge and mindset that can help you to join me in this quest to make, save and grow your money and while staying humble and ignoring what society says “rich people” should do.
There are dozens of great financial blogs out there that offer useful information on how to maximize your personal income, make money online fast, or how to become hyper-frugal through coupon clipping and saving everything you can. That is not what this blog is about. The goal here is to provide sound advice and simple life changes to help you live a wealthy life on your own terms. Most of what I end up writing about falls into one of the following categories:
  • Spending less money
  • Making more money
  • Investing your money wisely
  • Spending less time doing the first three things
If you want to get a glimpse into my thought process when I started this journey, check out the start of the stealthy and wealthy life.
Another good place to start is by looking at every way that I’ve ever made money. That gives a pretty good history of all of the things that I have done to get to the point that I’m at now.
Enjoy the blog and feel free to drop me a line or comment any time to share the journey with me.