Hi, I’m Scott. I’m a 30-something year old guy who decided to get my act together financially and wanted to share the process with you. My goal with this blog is to share the way that I have chosen to live my life, which I call “stealthy and wealthy.” To me, this means being financially free and secure, but without buying into the traditional definition of how “wealthy” people should live. I choose experiences over things, I choose to build wealth instead of show it, and I have a heck of a lot of fun doing it. I write about the tips, tools, knowledge and mindset that can help you to join me in this quest to make, save and grow your money and while staying humble and ignoring what society says “rich people” should do.This blog captures my ongoing journey to reach financial independence (FI) and capture all of the things I’m learning along the way.

What is Stealthy and Wealthy?

There are dozens of great personal finance blogs out there that fall into various categories. The Mustachians. The radicals. The coupon clippers. The minimalists. The travelers. The side hustlers. I’ve tried and failed to live up to the exacting standards of each of these communities at different times in my life. Eventually, I realized that this is ok. I borrow from all of these ideas and incorporate what I can into the life that I want to live.
Stealthy and wealthy is my term for achieving financial independence, appearing “normal” enough to the outside world and humbly hacking my way to an early retirement. I started a blog because writing forces me to learn 10x what I would if I was just reading and doing. The goal here is to share sound advice and simple life changes to help you live a wealthy life on your own terms (whatever that means to you). Most of what I end up writing about falls into one of the following categories:
  • Spending less money
  • Making more money
  • Investing your money wisely
  • Spending less time doing the first three things
If you want to get a glimpse into my thought process when I started this journey, check out the start of the stealthy and wealthy life.
Another good place to start is by looking at the details behind every way that I’ve ever made money (to be posted soon). This is a good history of my successes, failures, time wasted and lessons learned.
As my wife and I have continued our journey to FI, we’ve kept a month-by-month timeline (to be posted soon) of the changes that we have made (large and small) as well as our key milestones. Check it out to get a little historical context of where we are at on our path.

3 word biography

140 characters are for chumps. Here is everything that people seem to find interesting about me in 3 word sentences.
Note: living up to the “stealthy” title, only a few people know more than five of these.
Born in Germany.
Live in Phoenix.
Family of 3.
Dog named Moose.
Marketer by trade.
Millionaire on paper.
2014 Ironman finisher.
Ultra marathon runner.
Travel hacking learner.
Best selling ghostwriter.
Seeking early retirement.
Former Airbnb Superhost.
Former Uber Driver.
Current Turo Renter.
Current cryptocurrency miner.
Crappy stock picker.
Index fund investor.
Enjoy the blog and feel free to drop me a line or comment any time to share the journey with me.