How do Airbnb cleaning services work?

Offering to rent your property as an Airbnb host certainly has its perks. First of all, the money is great. Secondly, it is genuinely fun to accommodate people on their vacation when they are happy and excited to be in your city. The credits and free items that they send you as an Airbnb Superhost are great as well. However, there are parts of Airbnb hosting that are not quite as glamorous. Cleaning your Airbnb certainly falls into that category. This is why Airbnb cleaning services are a fantastic resource to use if you are an Airbnb host.

What are Airbnb cleaning services?

There are companies out there, similar to property management companies, that specialize in Airbnb cleaning. Many property management or housecleaning companies will also offer these services, or there are companies like Pillow or Guesty that specialize in Airbnb cleaning and management.

How do Airbnb cleaning services work?

Airbnb cleaning companies will charge a fee (typically a percentage of your hosting fees) and handle all of the cleaning for you. They will handle buying all of the materials to restock your Airbnb as well as the cleaning between guests. This includes washing and changing linens and towels, cleaning the house, vacuuming, and restocking items that have run low.

How much do Airbnb cleaning services charge?

This will differ depending on the type of company you choose and what they are doing for you. Most companies will offer Airbnb cleaning and management for 2-15% of each booking that you have as an Airbnb host. Guesty charges 2-5%, while Pillow takes 15% off the top. If you have a company offering to clean and manage your property for more than 15% of the booking price, you can probably do better.

Are Airbnb cleaning services worth it?

In my opinion, they are definitely worth it. Depending on your situation, it may be more beneficial for you than for other people. For instance, if you live far away from your Airbnb property, or you have a schedule that doesn’t give you time between back to back guests, an Airbnb cleaning service is probably your best bet.

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  1. Wow that’s good to know. I’ve always wondered how people get cleaning services for their AirBnB. The thought of washing the bedding and cleaning a room every 1-2 days sounds a bit tiring to me, especially if you have a lot of rooms to rent out and need to take care of everything. In this case, outsourcing the cleaning makes total sense.


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