How much does Turo charge?

Whether you are leasing your car out to someone on Turo or renting a car from someone else, it is important to understand the fees. Turo has a pretty simple and affordable pricing model, especially when you compare it to traditional rental car companies. There are a few basic buckets that these fees fit into and understand those will answer the question, how much does Turo charge?

How much does Turo charge renters?

For renters, the main variable in your cost will be the price of the car that you are renting. You are paying a per day fee, which obviously, is going to be more for a Tesla than for a Volkswagen. How much Turo charges renters can be broken down into the following buckets:

  • Car Price – this is based on the car you rent and is a daily fee. Sometimes, there will be a discount if you rent for a week or a month, which is a percentage that is subtracted from the trip cost.
  • Trip Fee – This is a 10% fee that Turo takes off the top. This means 10% of the total car price that you choose.
  • Insurance or Protection Fee – The price will depend on which option you can choose. Premium will cost and cover more than Basic. There is also an option to Decline and use your own insurance. Just make sure you are covered for this type of rental if you choose that option.

Those are the three basic fees that you will always have on any trip that you take with Turo. If you total up these three fees, that will be how much your trip costs.

Turo Fees & Charges

CostChargeAdmin Fee
Car PriceDepends on the car. Rate is cost per day x days.$0
Trip Fee10% of total car price$0
Young Driver20% of total trip price$0
Delivery FeeDepends on the car$0
Additional Mileage$0.75 per mile$10
Gas FeeCost of replacement gas$25
Late Return$50 per hour, up to $200$25
Ticket FeeCost of ticket$25
Toll FeeCost of toll$10
Cleaning, smoking or petUp to $250$25

What additional Turo fees are there?

Like any car rental company, Turo and the car owner both need to be protected in certain situations. This is where Turo’s additional fees can come into play. These do not apply to all car rentals through Turo, but they may show up on your bill if the case calls for it.

  • Young Driver Fee – If you are under 25 years of age, you will pay an additional 20% fee on top of the trip price.
  • Delivery Fee – If you choose to have the car delivered to your location, or a place like an airport, you will pay an additional fee for the delivery. This is set by the driver and will vary based on the car and location you choose.
  • Owner Provided Insurance – There are certain cases where the owner can offer to have you insured on their vehicle. The costs associated with this will vary, but will be shown in the car listing when you rent. These will not be included in the total cost through Turo, so make sure you understand and keep those fees in mind.
  • Additional Mileage – if you go over the miles included in the car rental, you will pay an additional $0.75 per mile.
  • Late Return – If you return the car after the time stated in the agreement, you will pay a late return fee. This is $50 per hour up to $200. There is also an admin fee for Turo on top of that.
  • Gas – You are expected to fill the car up to the level of gas that it had when you picked it up. If you do not fill it up, you will pay the cost to replace the gas as well as an admin fee for Turo.
  • Tolls and Tickets – If you get a ticket from a camera or accrue fees from toll roads, you will pay the actual cost of the toll, plus an admin fee.
  • Cleaning, Smoking or Pet Penalties – If you don’t keep the car looking and smelling clean, you will pay a penalty determined by the owner for cleaning, up to $250. Turo also charges an admin fee on top of this.
  • Admin fees – There are admin fees on top of the previously stated fees. These include additional mileage ($10), late return ($25),  gas ($25), toll ($10), ticket ($25), and cleaning ($25).

While it can appear that there are a lot of fees here on top of what you are paying for the car, keep in mind that most of these won’t apply. If you keep the car clean, fill it with gas and drive it without issue, you will be paying the trip price that you see when you book.

How much does Turo charge car owners?

Now that you have seen the fees to rent a car with Turo, let’s look at the fees for the car owner who is leasing their car to someone else. Overall, you will keep between 65% – 90% of the trip price, depending on the protection that you choose. Typically, you will earn 75% of the total trip price. As far as additional fees to a car owner, there is nothing on top of the 10-35% that Turo takes from your trip price. You will also receive between 75-100% of the fees associated with a trip, so if someone goes over on mileage or doesn’t fill up the gas, you will still earn money.

Additional Turo Fees for Car Owners

As a Turo car owner, if you keep your car in order and show up when you are supposed to, you won’t have any fees. However, there are three different additional fees that could be incurred in certain situations.

  • Late Cancellation – $50 fee
  • No Show – $150 fee
  • Violation of Maintenance Policy – Variable, but a minimum of $100

Overall, the fees with Turo are pretty transparent and easy to understand. If you want more information, feel free to check out their website, or send me an email and I can help to answer any questions you have.

Turo rental costs, fines and fees
Turo rental costs, fines and fees

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  1. I have a tesla suv .its charge free in tesla supercharger .
    If I rent my suv tesla to toro , should I charge them a fee for free charge ?

    • I don’t actually think that you could create a separate fee for this, but you could reflect it in your pricing that you set the rental fee at. So if you would want to charge a fee of an extra $5 for a free charge, you could just increase your price by $5.


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