List of side hustles – Every way I’ve made money

For purposes of this post, I’m not including what would be considered traditional jobs that included an employment agreement. Some of those included working stadium security at college and professional sporting events (awesome), working in a call center (not awesome), coaching soccer and basketball around the country (awesome), working construction (semi-awesome), serving as a handyman at an apartment complex (surprisingly awesome) and working at a digital marketing agency. The other category that I am not including is selling my own possessions on sites like eBay, Craigslist or OfferUp. I have certainly done this, but don’t really consider it a way of making money since those were mostly items that I purchased then resold for a lower price after I was done with them.

My First Side Hustles | 15-19 Years Old

Purchasing closeout CDs from Columbia House and reselling them

Selling Sound Dampening Products for Car Audio

Shoveling Snow

Selling Sneakers on eBay

Selling Jerseys

Making Money in College | 20-23 Years Old

Ghostwriting books

Selling license plate covers

Repairing iPods and selling them

Cleaning up trash at concerts and festivals

Working stadium security

Buying and flipping my first property

Scalping Tickets at Sporting Events

First Job Years | 24-28 Years Old

Building websites and marketing them

Creating a real estate directory site and charging for leads

Second Property Flip

The Side Hustling Era | 29 Years Old – Present

Renting my car on Turo

Renting our guest house on Airbnb

Completing tasks on Amazon Mechanical Turk

Building websites and marketing them

Driving for Lyft and Uber

Delivering food for Postmates

Delivering packages for Amazon

Taking online surveys for money

Mining Cryptocurrency