Make Money Driving with Amazon Flex

Amazon is one of my absolute favorite companies in the world. I am an active Prime subscriber, I have read dozens of books on Audible and Kindle and I even have a dash button that I use to order more pet food when my pup is running low. Now, there is yet another reason to love these guys – Amazon Flex. While I have had great success making money off of my vehicle with Turo and Uber, driving Amazon Flex is yet another way to turn one of your biggest expenses into an asset that allows you to make money.

What is Amazon Flex?

With the prevalence of Amazon Prime and growth of Amazon Prime Now, which allows subscribers to purchase items and have them delivered to their home within hours, Amazon identified a need for a larger staff to get packages from their warehouses to the doors of consumers. Amazon Flex is a program where drivers in certain cities can make $18-25 per hour picking up packages from an Amazon location and delivering them to the doors of the people who purchased those items.

What are the qualifications for Amazon Flex?

To be eligible to become an Amazon Flex driver, you need to be over 21 years of age, have a mid-size sedan or larger, have a valid drivers license and own an Android smartphone with certain system requirements (currently, it must have version 4.4 or above, a camera and at least 2 GB of RAM). You are also not eligible if you are a current Amazon employee.

How does it work?

When you are a registered Amazon Flex driver, you will be able to sign up for shifts, or delivery blocks as Amazon calls them, when you will drive. A delivery block is the amount of time that it will take you to deliver a certain number of packages that Amazon determines, but is typically expected to take about 4 hours for deliveries and 2 hours for Amazon Prime Now deliveries. You are paid $72 for an delivery block. For Amazon Prime Now delivery blocks, how much you make will depend on the tips that you receive. Users of the app are encouraged to tip a certain dollar value based on their order, so these tips are typical and it is safe to expect that you will receive them. Prime Now delivery blocks will average between $36-$50 for a two hour shift.

When you are signed up for a shift, you will go to the Amazon warehouse location (for me, it is near the Phoenix Sky Harbor airport), pull up to the loading area, show identification and pick up your packages. You will scan the packages that you are going to deliver, then will go on your trip to deliver the packages. When you deliver packages, you will drive the address, scan the package again, enter details of the drop-off and leave it for the purchaser. Your shift ends when you have delivered all of your packages.

How do you sign up?

You can sign up by going to this link and entering your information. Don’t be surprised if you are not immediately registered as a driver. They have certain designated training sessions, one of which you will have to attend. At some time after submitting your information (for me, it was about one week), you will receive an email with a survey. In the survey, you will have to check the boxes to state that you meet the requirements (listed above) and register for an available training session. The session is about 45 minutes long and goes over all of the details of becoming an Amazon Flex driver. After attending the session, you will get a download link for the Amazon Flex app and you will be ready to start signing up for shifts and making money.

In which cities is Amazon Flex available?

Right now, Amazon Flex is rolling out to more cities every month. It is currently in 24 cities throughout the United States.

Pros and Cons

So far, what I like about the Flex concept is that it requires less face-time with customers than something like Uber, thus reducing the reliance on their punctuality, friendliness and the like to make your experience enjoyable. Compared to other delivery services, the pay is pretty good and the flexibility in your schedule is pretty similar. The only real disadvantage when comparing it to these other services is that you have to drive during scheduled blocks versus driving at any time you please, but you still have the ability to choose your delivery blocks, so there is definitely a level of freedom.

It’s a pretty simple concept and is very easy to sign up for Amazon Flex. I just became a registered Flex driver, but have not yet delivered any packages, so stay tuned for future posts about my experience. In the meantime, feel free to check out the Amazon Flex registration page and get started yourself!

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