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Hey guys, I learned a new word…”iPhoneography.” I learned this word on Wikipedia when attempting to describe the industry that Foap falls into after using the app to make money selling my photos. I learned about the Foap app a few months ago and later realized that it is one of many applications that allow regular people like you and I to make money off of the everyday photos that we take. The traditional photography industry where trained professional photographers with all of the right equipment can sell their photos and the rest of us can’t is starting to change. Now, if you can take a photo, you can make money selling your photos.

How do you sell photos online?

There are a number of apps including Foap and Clashot that allow you to upload photos directly from your phone and get paid to do it. Designers, website owners and businesses are always in need of imagery that they can use for a specific project. It could be something as elaborate as a photo of an elephant in Kenya or something as simple as a stop sign in your neighborhood. Traditionally, they have used expensive sites like Getty images, or the more common stock photo sites like iStock (think “lady smiling on the phone” photo that you see everywhere on the web) to fulfill these needs. Now, with people like you uploading their everyday photos onto Foap, they can purchase the right to use those photos at a lower price than they traditionally would. The fact that they are taken by real people from all over the world also gives them a sense of authenticity that the buyer may not get from other stock photo sites.

How much money can you make selling photos?

With Foap, you can upload as many photos as you’d like and you will be paid a flat fee of $5 each time that it is purchased. Rights to use a photo can be purchased more than once, so if you end up uploading a photo that gets purchased 100 times, you would make $500.

How do you get paid with Foap?

Money is deposited directly into your account when one of your photos is purchased, which you can then transfer into your Paypal account whenever you’d like.

How do you sign up for Foap?

You can sign up through the Apple App Store, on Google Play, or through You can authenticate through Facebook or set up your account with basic profile details.

Tips for selling your photos on Foap

  • Upload photos that you think will be the most useful to designers or companies.
  • Don’t overlook the “boring stuff.” A lot of times, that photo of a glass sitting on a table could be just what a designer needs.
  • Fill out all of the details for photo including tags and description. Make sure to use keywords that you think relate to the photo and would be likely to be searched for.
  • Make sure you are fine with the photo ending up anywhere. You are giving away the rights to use this photo, so don’t upload something that you wouldn’t want to see on a website, magazine ad or the cover of a romance novel (highly unlikely, but still…)
    • Be especially careful about this when uploading pictures of people. You may think that you have the greatest photo of your child, but if you don’t want them to end up being used on a random website for $5, then maybe you should pass on that one.
  • You must have permission from someone if you are uploading a photo of them. This goes for friends, strangers, everyone.
  • Participate in challenges. Brands will set up a challenge for specific photos that they need. For instance, Coca-Cola could run a challenge looking for their bottles featured next to holiday decorations. This is a good chance to get creative and show your stuff. Challenges typically reward more money than just selling one photo.

My experience selling photos online

I signed up for Foap and uploaded about eight photos from my iPhone while watching TV at home. I forgot about it for a while, then about a week later, I got a notification that one of my photos had sold. It was a simple photo of a buddy that I took when we went mountain biking together. I had the $5 transferred to my Paypal account a few days later. Since then, I have uploaded about 30 more photos and have sold 7 or 8 of them.

It’s not something that will make you rich by any means, but with Foap, you could make a few bucks for the photos that you already have sitting on your phone. Give it a shot and let us know in the comments if you have successes, failures, or additional tips that you want to share with the community.

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