Announcing the Fall 2017 Student Entrepreneur Grant Winner

We have selected our recipient of the Fall 2017 Stealthy and Wealthy Student Entrepreneur Grant. We received over 200 submissions from a lot of amazing students across the United States. Many of these inspiring young entrepreneurs are in the process of building businesses, have plans to start a business, or currently have a business that they are growing while they are in school. The winner of this year’s grant falls into the last bucket.

And the winner is…

Rebecca from Strength and Sunshine, a recipe blog focused on helping and inspiring those with celiac disease, food allergies, autoimmune disorders, and chronic illnesses through delicious wholesome food, remade classics that are always missed, as well as tips, tricks, and advice on how to thrive even when chronically ill or living with restrictions. Rebecca is a student who has been working on this blog for four years now and has great plans for how she is going to grow her community and reach more people. Here is what she had to say:

It is so important to me that I continue to provide my recipes and content to those that need it the most and struggle with their current situations. The $250 grant will be a fantastic down resource for funding my email list provider. I currently can’t afford the subscription I need for the list size I have and my emails are not the helpful content I want and will be able to bring if I can email my readers effectively. This will allow me to create greater connections with my readers, help them in their diets and with their health, and provide quality, frequent content besides my simple RSS feed emails. As a public health major as well, helping people receive the correct information while discussing it in an easy to understand (and delicious) way in my number 1 priority.

Strength and Sunshine
Rebecca’s Blog, Strength and Sunshine

Please join me in congratulating Rebecca as our grant recipient. Stay tuned as we will be giving away another grant in the Spring, hopefully with an even larger monetary value this time around.

Thank you to all of the entrants and those who helped spread the word.

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