The minimalism challenge: getting rid of 2,000 items

As a reader of this blog, you probably know very well by now that I loveĀ putting myself through challenging experiments. I love starting with a theory, spending weeks or months changing my habits to test that hypothesis, then seeing how I come out on the other side. Some of these experiments, my wife loves…some she … Read more

Save and Grow your Money with Acorns

Acorns Account Summary

There are certain things that I just know about myself. I lose sunglasses, I procrastinate on my taxes, my dirty clothes don’t always reach the hamper and I am not naturally great at saving money. The first three, I’m still working on. The last one, I am able to put systems in place that can … Read more

Cutting recurring costs: How to save $5,000 in one day

It started at our kitchen table. My wife and I decided that we would go into “grind mode” and spend a couple of years seeing how much we could possibly cut, save, earn, scrimp, steal…okay, that’s where we drew the line, but you get the point. A natural first step in our quest to reduce … Read more